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We have many times seen our releases being sold on discogs on ridiculously high prices. Therefore, please do not buy our records from such fraulend speculators! Support the bands and those labels, distributors and local record stores who support indepedent bands and respect their audience. Boycott discogs scums!

Antimob 2020


Both our new releases are now sold out from Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός and us. We are more than greatful to those having distributed and bought our records or having supported us on any way so far. All band’s future plans will be posted here. Stay strong and keep fighting the system with hate.


Antimob 2019


The new two-track EP is now available through Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός and can also be streamed on our bandcamp. Please contact one of the distributors that were listed on our previous post if you wish to get a copy of it. The EP was recorded on February 2019 by George Christoforidis at Ignite Studios in Athens, Greece and was Mixed – Mastered in June 2019 by Roland Wiegner at Tonmeisterei Studios in Oldenburg,Germany.

Thank you all for the endless support!

1Antimob 2019


Both shows in Germany were killer. We would like to thank Malte and Jersey Mike for making it happen, Fabian and Sara for always being out there for us, Taifun and the Fog for being killer performers and borowing us their backline, our budies in Chain Cult for pushing us making it happen and being a great company up in the north, Ruben for driving us and of course everyone who showed up and supported both nights.

Our new full length is finally available. All wholesale copies are sold out from Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός. The release date for the new single EP is now set to 1/12/2019. Copies of both titles will be available through the following record stores and distributors. The limited version of the LP is exclusively available through Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός.

ΑΝΤΙΜΟΒ “s/t” LP (2019) | ΕΠ005

IMG_20191012_144152~3 IMG_20191012_144312 IMG_20191012_143543~2 IMG_20191012_145259~2 IMG_20191012_145315~2 IMG_20191012_145324~2 IMG_20191012_145346~2 IMG_20191012_140225~2

Ten (10) tracks

Vinyl 12″ LP, 33 rpm, black, 370 copies

Four colour printed cotton 120gr paper, laminated on 3mm cardboard cover

24 page colour insert booklet, 30cm x 30cm, on 120gr high quality paper

Colour poster, 100cm x 70cm on 120gr paper

Colour postcard

ΑΝΤΙΜΟΒ “s/t” ΕΠ (2019) | ΕΠ006

IMG_20191012_150702~2 IMG_20191012_141412~3 IMG_20191012_141433~3 IMG_20191012_141506~2 IMG_20191012_141532~2 IMG_20191012_141544~2 IMG_20191012_144658~2 IMG_20191012_144716~2

Two (2) songs

Vinyl 7″, 45rpm, 400 copies

Embossed cotton cover 360gr

34cm x 17cm insert on 120gr high quality paper

Colour postcard


Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός (Athens, Greece)

Είσοδος Κινδύνου (Athens, Greece)

7 Inch Distro (Greece & International)

Blast Beat (Athens, Greece)

Body Blows Records (Heraklion, Greece)

Kids of the Black Hole (Xanthi, Greece)

Labyrinth of Thoughts (Greece)

Last Scream (Athens, Greece)

Lotus Records (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Mountza Store (Greece & International)

Nightstick Justice (Finland)

Rhythm Records (Athens, Greece)

Sista Versen ( Sweden)

Static Shock (Berlin, Germany)

Uprising (Greece & International)

Vinyl Trafic (Patras, Greece)